10 Things You Should Know About Inherited Money

If you’ve inherited money, start by knowing it takes a while for the money to land. The executrix needs time — months and months — to get things retitled. Then it takes time for the IRS or the state to release a lien or expedite an audit. Do NOT expect the money all at once. While the estate is being settled, there may be income kicked off by the assets that have not yet been distributed. […]

The Survivor’s Checklist: Your Loved One Just Died. What Now?

What to do right away: In the first hour? Nothing is fine. Just breathe. It’s fine to just take a beat. There’s stuff to do, but it isn’t urgent. You don’t even need to move the body right away, it’ll keep for at least a day as long as you cool it down. This sucks, and I’m sorry. If hospice was involved, call them. If it was an unexpected death, but resuscitation attempts would be […]

Books about Changing

Change sucks. These books can help. I just finished reading “Transitions: Making Sense of Life’s Changes: Strategies for coping with the difficult, painful, and confusing times in your life” by William Bridges (copyright 1980). It was really helpful, one of those books that everyone needs on their shelf for when life gobsmacks you.  This is just a stub for this entry, but I would consider it a good companion book for most life changes, along […]