The Alliance of Comprehensive Planners – a short video from Seattle in November 2016

Knowledge workers need to gather together to share information on a regular basis. Fee-only fiduciary planners are a collaborative bunch and naturally want to help each other. The Alliance of Comprehensive Planners is the specific group I belong to. This video about us was shot in November, 2016. – Posted 12/20/2016  

The Human Finance Project

A funny thing happened at the NAPFA conference in Phoenix this year. TD Ameritrade is doing a series of short films to promote the Registered Investment Advisor model (as opposed to the sales rep model) for investment advising. They asked if I’d come be interviewed. As is the norm with these things, fifteen minutes got edited down to a minute or two. I can’t say I am thrilled with the way I come across – […]

Double Duty Retirement Strategies

When I was doing coursework to become a Certified Financial Planner, the capstone project required that we upload a video presentation as part of a financial plan for a fictional young couple with children. Since the couple are fictional, I figured it was okay to share this advice with anyone who want to see it. Originally published December 27, 2012, on a day when I had a particularly large amount of hair!