Scheduling Notes for 2016

August 3, 2016


I’m on the road a lot when it’s not tax season for two reasons: continuing education and family vacations.  In 2016 I’m scheduled to go to:

  • National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) Conference in Phoenix May 17th to 20th (completed)
  • Alliance of Comprehensive Planners training in Denver June 6th to 9th (completed)
  • Dimensional Fund Advisors training in Charlotte Sept 27 and 28
  • Alliance of Comprehensive Planners Annual Conference in Seattle November 1st to 5th and
  • At least 40 hours of tax updates on various days to be scheduled in the Fall, dates TBD


We also have family vacations:

  • Each April I take two week’s of vacation (one week-day for each week I worked without a day off in tax season) the moment tax season ends and am back around May 1st (re-occurring).
  • In late June or early July I’ll go camping in Michigan with my dad – no cell service whatsoever there! (re-occurring)
  • At some point each summer I’ll spend a week at Peaks Island – that time I’ll have my laptop and answer emails each day.  This year I’m scheduled to be there August 21 – 28
  • I’ll also take some days to continue college hunting with my seventeen year old son: so far that’s on 8/29 and TBD
  • Because I usually host Thanksgiving, I don’t work the Wednesday or Friday then, but I do work the week between Christmas and New Year for urgent last minute planning purposes.


I generally post those on Facebook if you’re wondering what I’m up to.