Hiring: Paraplanner

We are currently searching for a full-time Paraplanner to join our busy firm. As a Paraplanner at ProsperiTea Planning you will be responsible for assisting in nearly every aspect of running the business.

Paraplanner Duties:

  • Update Client Plans:
    • Update Net Worth Statements in Excel using material provided by the clients.
    • Update MoneyGuidePro with recent statements from clients, making sure asset allocation is coded approximately right.  
    • Update rebalancing workpapers from MoneyGuidePro.
  • Support Prospecting:
    • Rank prospects according to a metric provided so admin staff knows which email responses to send.
    • Create a basic net worth and rough-in MoneyGuidePro for prospective clients using material given to us by prospects.
    • Create quotes for prospect clients using proprietary Excel calculator
    • Fill in specifics for contracts using templates provided.
  • Onboarding activities:
    • Get new client information into LaserApp
    • Use Laserapp to create all onboarding paperwork / custodian forms.
    • Create onboarding projects in CRM.
    • Work through activity checklists for onboarding activities.
  • Prep for client meetings:
    • Email clients a week ahead with the current meeting block templated agenda, changing each email to match clients needs and issues
    • Update “Stocks to Monitor” list, watching for things that need to be sold in the active positions people brought with them into the practice.
    • Create client renewals: calculate fees, prepare updated contracts and invoices.
  • Support client meetings:
    • Sit as second chair in client meetings to assist with any projects that need to be created or updated.
    • Until we get AI working, do the rough draft of the meeting notes.
    • Update Financial Plan Overview Documents from handwritten edits from time to time.
  • Support investment activities:
    • Update “Stocks to Monitor” list, watching for things that need to be sold in the active positions people brought with them into the practice.
    • Manage asset allocation assignments in Capitect and MoneyGuidePro.
    • Reconcile trades actually made with trade proposals.
  • Support Tax Planning & Preparation:
    • Ask for recent paystubs and calculate annualized income for tax planning meetings.
    • Creates Statements of Realized Gains and Losses from Custodians.
      • Does data entry of Realized Gains and Losses directly onto Schedule D tax prep for our clients.
    • Gets 1099-DIVs from our Custodians for our clients at tax time.
      • Does data entry of Schedule B (Interest and Dividends).
    • Sets up the US Govt Percentages worksheet with data each year.
      • Calculates the US Gov’t percentages of income for each client at tax time.
  • General Client Support:
    • Answer client questions in emails where it relates to needing copies of things, or about invoicing or scheduling or the status of a project.
    • Prepare statements for clients wishing them mailed when they ask, and then all the statements at 12/31.
    • Prepare performance reports in Capitect.
    • Create and Update and Monitor client projects in CRM, like whether RMDs have been taken or it’s time to get a new Limited Power of Attorney for Tax or whether money in motion has arrived. (Everyone in the office does this, too.)
  • Calculate and prepare client annual renewals
    • Use the client workpapers, ACP toolkit, and the most recent tax return to calculate the client fee renewals. Create invoices, update Retainer Master List, prepare renewal amendment pages, and prepare mailings to be sent for renewals


  • Grow Your Knowledge:
    • You may stay a paraplanner as a career, but if you are thinking about this as a stepping stone to becoming an advisor yourself, expect to take over some area of expertise in the firm: student loans, mortgage refinancing, college financial aid planning, underwriting life insurance, rules around inherited IRA – you choose, but plan to do continuing ed in that area.


Human Resources:

  • Work with admin assistants and firm partners to keep things running smoothly
  • Log complaints or praise
  • Update and maintain company manuals / SOPs in areas of expertise
  • Vet and train potential employees


Accounting Duties (may or may not be included in this position): 

  • Submit company payroll
  • Run Accounts Receivable
  • Do General Ledger accounting
  • Reconcile all accounts monthly
  • Prepare management fee submissions
  • Prepare invoice submissions
  • Prepare metrics worksheets for quarterly business meetings


What does the paraplanner NOT do?

  • Schedule meetings – unless you happen to catch a phone call if everyone else is busy.
  • Scan documents – but you’ll file them in the right location after they’re uploaded to you.
  • Send out physical mailings – but does send out PDFs for signature.
  • Trade proposals – but you set up the worksheet for them.
  • Tax Preparation – except for the Schedules B & D related to the income we have at our Custodian.
  • Write employee manuals – but you’ll be asked to edit your job descriptions and duties in the SOPs.


Minimum Requirements

  • 4 year degree in any field and
    • some coursework towards CFP® credential
    • OR currently studying for the Series 65
    • OR have taken a tax prep course


Pay: starts at $50,000 per year

This job can be done in-person or mostly remote, though we’d like you in office at least once a quarter.


What we need from you:

  • Resume uploaded to Sharefile. Click this link to open up a secure envelope to send it.
  • Personal reference attesting to your discretion and trustworthiness



After you’ve uploaded your resume to Sharefile, expect a call back from Ann at (413) 829-4832 to arrange a time to meet with her.