Wendy’s Vacation & Conference Schedule for 2023

Between two professional credentials that each need a lot of continuing education, plus family vacation time, you’ll find that Wendy works in weeks-long surges but is frequently out of the office in between. That’s okay, we’re planners, we’re good at this! Here’s how we put the Tea in Team:

  • Wendy is the only one who can create trade proposals if you need to buy or sell things – but Gary can help you fetch money from your account if you need it for something we’ve planned.
  • Wendy is the only one who can review and finalize tax returns – but anyone in the office can get you a copy of a completed tax return or tell you the status of the tax return.
  • Need a statement or a Capitect report? Gary does the Capitect reports, and Gary can print and send you statements from the Custodian, too.
  • Wendy is the only one who gives financial advice – but both Gary is able to give provisional, supervised advice in the form of, “Here’s what I think the answer is, but Wendy will look at this when she gets back.”
  • Wendy already doesn’t do the scheduling –  that’s mostly Ann and sometimes Lee; or the billing and renewals – that’s Gary;
  • The main person in charge of gathering your dropped-off or uploaded statements for reports or tax prep info is Lee.

So, hurray, even though Wendy will be out of the office, we can keep everything running smoothly.

In 2023 Wendy’s vacations are scheduled to be:

  • Each January, right after the big push to get year-end statements and organizers out, but before tax season hits, Wendy goes on a restorative vacation to get some sun and rest up before tax season hits. In general, expect her to be gone the Friday before MLK Day to the Friday after. In ’23 she’ll be in Puerto Rico.
  • Each April 15th, the moment tax season ends, Wendy gets a comp day for each weekend day she worked in tax season. This is usually a staycation (split between Greenfield and Peaks Island) April 15th through April 26th. She won’t be off-grid if there’s an emergency, but we hope someone else can take a stab at helping people until she’s back at her desk in the last week of April.
  • Wendy takes roughly a week off in June, July and August, each.
    • She does a big “bucket list” trip somewhere every other year – but not in ’23. See the September trip instead.
    • Each year she goes camping in Michigan with her dad – with very limited cell & internet service! This is a re-occurring trip: this year it’s scheduled for July 3 through July 10.
    • She tends to take a week of vacation on Peaks. This year it’s roughly scheduled for August 21 – August 25. She’ll be around for urgent issues.
    • September 19  to September 25 Wendy and Gary will both be at Glacier National Park for his wedding! Ann will triage emergencies.
    • She takes the Wednesday and Friday off around Thanksgiving.

We ARE open the week between Christmas and New Year for urgent last-minute tax planning and tax loss harvesting issues.

Conferences are scheduled for:

May 17 to 19 is the Alliance of Comprehensive Planners Advanced Retreat in Tucson this year.

June 5 – 9: AICPA Engage conference in Las Vegas

Wednesday, Oct 11 to Monday, October 16th (including travel by train): Bogleheads Conference in Washington, D.C.

Saturday, December 9 to Thursday, December 14th, there’ll be a two-day tax update course in Miami (with a day or two on either side to shore up Vitamin D levels).

Sometimes when people aren’t scheduled to be in the office, Wendy will spend time at Peaks Island on “work retreats”, where she researches issues, learns new tools, or attends virtual conferences. These are not vacations: she can be reached for an emerging issue. She’ll run regular email/trading block times during these location-independent work times; don’t feel bad for reaching her at Peaks if it’s not one of the actual vacation weeks listed above!

In 2024, already spotted on the horizon:

In January ’24 she’s planning to go to Puerto Rico again: tentative dates are Friday before MLK Day to the Friday after.