Quoted in…

I write from time to time in various publications. I’ve been meaning to gather my press clippings into one file. I’ll put this here as a stub to add things to as I find/recall them.

I’ve got some upcoming pieces going to Forbes, blogging about personal finance. That’s sort of a fun thing for me as I respect those writers a lot.

My own blog (here!) is picked up in a couple of places, but the most recent that a piece I did was reworked and published in the Alliance of Comprehensive Planning Financial Focus Newsletter.

In November I was quoted in an article in CNN Business.

If you’re really interested, you can find my writing on the internet going back to the mid 90’s in misc.taxes.moderated. We didn’t know back then that usenet was being recorded and turned into “Google Groups”. Google used our writings to provide the answer to most of the early queries about taxes. (Wish I’d been paid in stock!)