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Who should hire me? Meet four people, all amalgams, of people who are happy they did.

Awesome Elder Alex is retired and wants to be off living a fun life. Alex wants a trustworthy person to do the money stuff, including designing a cash flow strategy, and keeping funds invested prudently. Wendy works as a retirement concierge, being the financial person on their team.

Financially Free (or Retired Now) Fran doesn’t want financial planning, Fran just wants someone to do it, preferably integrating investing with tax planning and preparation. Perhaps Fran knows about “Tax Alpha,” or maybe Fran just prefers the “Tea Time” model of the “Taxes and Investment Management Experience” over the big corporate advisor who probably charges more without integrating tax strategies with the investments.

Still in Debt, but Always Learning & Earning, Dale needs some help laying a foundation. We meet virtually and/or in person to get the foundation laid – a strategy for getting out of debt, some basic foundation in investing, some personal financial coaching, as well as tax preparation. Investment advising could be about Rollover IRAs or 401(k)s or 529 plans for kids. Dale might need help investing an inheritance, but not necessarily: this could be more of a coaching engagement.

Still accumulating and Growing Earnings, Sage wants the “retirement number”: when can Sage retire? Sage wants to be invested smartly, perhaps find some cash flow to put to retirement, and always (of course) wants to minimize taxes. Sage appreciates getting a goal-based comprehensive plan. Life is better when you are headed where you want to go!

Meet in person or over the computer. Wendy books several weeks out, but can do short preliminary meetings to see if we’re a good fit, usually on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Schedule online, or start gathering together your information in our confidential financial planning tool and we’ll get back to you after we see it.

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Originally published 11.19.2017