Seeking Seasonal Assistant

Are you interested in working for ProsperiTea Planning (formerly Tea & Taxes) during a tax season? Every year we hire at least one, and sometimes two assistants for our busy season.

Duties include:

Secretarial work:

  • Answering phones, taking messages
  • Fielding emails
  • Scanning and filing
  • Data entry into tax software
  • Updating project workflows as things change
  • Office supply upkeep
  • Scheduling & Re-scheduling
  • Client reception
  • Process mail
  • Handing out returns to clients
  • Accepting payment from clients

Software includes:

  • The firm’s web-based CRM (we’ll train you on Insightly)
  • Google Chrome
  • Google Gmail
  • Google Calendar
  • Scanning software and electronic filing cabinet software (we’ll train)
  • The big brother version of Turbotax (not the whole return, just data entry)

Keeping the office humming:

  • Maintaining the front walkway so that it’s safe for clients in winter
  • Assisting the dog in greeting the clients (maybe taking her out if she’s desperate)
  • Keeping the firm principal caffeinated
  • Serving tea and coffee to the clients
  • Going to the post office and/or bank once in a while
  • Starting the wood fire if you’re comfortable with that chore
  • Stocking printers
  • Perhaps sweeping if it’s needed

The work environment:

  • You’re going to learn a ton! The practice is focused on taxes during tax season, but Wendy is a financial planner and investment advisor and you’ll get a semester’s worth of personal financial training on the job if you keep your ears open.
  • Your schedule is to be determined, but hours of coverage are 8:30 AM to 6:30 PM most weekdays, and Saturday 12:30 to 5:30, maybe late on Fridays (until 7:30 pm). We’ll split the hours two or three ways depending on what people need.
  • You’d have a flexible schedule for December and January as you come in a few days here or there for training and pre-season projects, but full schedule starts the last week in January and goes to April 15th.
  • The office is a home that is set up for the tax practice, you’ll be in the foyer.
  • It’s an old (but beautiful) house, you’ll need to dress in layers for drafts.
  • There is a well-behaved Labrador Retriever dog who will happily steal your lunch if you leave it where she can reach it.
  • The year ’round administrative assistant works mornings and you’ll overlap when you arrive for training/debriefing
  • The firm principal is a perfectionist but she appreciates and needs your help
  • No time off from 1/30 to 4/15, but we accrue 5% of your hours to add to your final paycheck as paid time off.

What we need from you:

  • Resume
  • Personal reference attesting to your discretion and trustworthiness

An outstanding candidate will demonstrate:

  • Trustworthiness: nothing in a background check or credit report that would leave our clients feeling uneasy
  • Accuracy and detail-oriented is important
  • Ability to handle moments with flurries of activity with poise
  • Comfort working in Windows environment, and with Google Apps
  • Reliable about working during the season, including able to get to work at a business in Greenfield in the winter.
  • Initiative and the ability to solve basic problems that arise in the ordinary course of business (like paper jams).
  • Physical ability to sand sidewalks (and discern when it is needed) and carry a tray of tea
  • Able to work semi-independently when given an example of the task or a checklist to follow, after brief training.
  • Discretion and and an interest in direct client interface: you’ll be representing a professional services firm

Nice to know if you have experience in (but not required):

  • Quickbooks
  • Excel
  • Tax software (including Turbotax)
  • Mailmerging in Microsoft Word

Wendy Marsden is the firm principal and Jennifer Chabott is the year ’round administrative assistant. You’ll be interviewing with Jennifer. Jennifer is usually here on Mondays and Fridays from 9 to 2: call the office at (413) 829-4832 to arrange a time to meet her.  She might be able to arrange an interview at a different time.

Please send your resume and references by email to info AT

We’d like to hire in late November/early December so we can start phasing people in for some projects and training towards the end of December and early January. We’re late to hire this year, but will decide in the next few days.

We hire for a seasonal person every year and would love to find someone who’s interested in coming back regularly, but usually we end up finding someone fabulous who happens to be available this winter. Either way is great.


Originally Published 12-2-2016, last updated  1-20-2018