Wendy’s Upcoming Vacation and Travel Schedule

July 2, 2018

Between two professional credentials that each need a lot of continuing education, plus family vacation time, I’m on the road a lot when it’s not tax season.  Most of the time I’ll be able to get a voicemail/text/email and answer within a reasonable time frame, except for two weeks when I’m off the grid.

In 2018 I’m scheduled to go to:

  • Three separate full-day conferences for CPAs on June 7, 12 & 19
  • National Association of Personal Financial Advisors Conference Oct. 15 -18 in Philadelphia (plus travel days and maybe a pre-conference)
  • Alliance of Comprehensive Planners Annual Conference in Miami November 7-9 (plus travel days)
  • Western New England University Tax Institute – in November sometime
  • Tax Update course in December or January sometime
  • I also attend study group meetings monthly or quarterly for ACP and/or NAPFA

We also have family vacations:

  • Each April I take off the moment tax season ends. I’m usually off for ten days or so, but always back by May 1st.
  • Each year I go camping in Michigan with my dad – no cell or internet service whatsoever there! This is a re-occurring trip: this year it’s scheduled for late July/early August, dates TBD.  These days we do sometimes go into town to check email, but consider me off-grid for a week.
  • At some point each summer I’ll spend a week at Peaks Island. Time there is not so much a vacation as working limited hours from a remote location. Feel free to contact me then. I usually use that as a “work retreat”, where I research issues or  learn new tools.  This year I’m tentatively scheduled to be there June 25-30 and September 10-14.
  • Because I usually host Thanksgiving, I don’t work the Wednesday or Friday then, but I do work the week between Christmas and New Year for urgent last minute planning purposes.
  • Each year my husband and I do a get-away trip in the November to January time-frame. This year we’re going to grab a cruise out of Miami the day my conference there ends. I don’t expect to have internet or cell service between Nov. 10 and Nov. 17 this year, sorry! (Not that sorry. We all need restorative vacations sometimes. Helping my clients reach their goals has inspired me with some of the YOLO spirit, too!)

I also generally post what I’m up to on Facebook, too, but we tend to be bad about remembering to change answering service messages.